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Global Instructor Team

The IKMF Global Instructor Team (GIT) are arguably the best Krav Maga practitioners in the world, averaging 25 years of Krav Maga experience each. They teach and certify their instructors first hand – from the source.


What makes them different, is the passion they have for Krav Maga. Even more so the desire to see their instructors and students become the best Krav Maga practitioners they can be.

They do it by:

  • Leading from the front – always striving to achieve excellence in their own abilities

  • Sharing their knowledge and wisdom – effective communicators and great teachers

  • Pushing the limits and beyond – tough drill instructors

  • Caring for their students – truly compassionate human beings


They do this without compromising the high standards set by Imi.

                             When it comes to saving lives, there are no compromises.

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